Below is a selection of Logos I have designed for various clients.
This logo I created for an electrical contractor in Rugby. We wanted to keep the logo simple but recognisable with a homage to a previous logo.
We also designed the background to be a simplified map of the areas covered.
Rebecca at the Annex Studios had asked me to redesign their logo for their salon which opened in 2019, we discussed several ideas but landed on this design. 
As the salon has chequered tiles on the floor we thought it'd be apt to make that part of the design.
These are two logos I created for a colleague who was looking at taking on freelance video work, the final logo is the one of the left, the one of the right being the runner up.
This is my company logo. I created something very simple and recognisable that would work on anything from an invoice to a shirt.
The 'GEOMOTION' font is also custom designed in a bespoke font. 
One of the designs I put forward to RetroTechUK
A very simple typeface logo for the Dronecafé instagram page.
A very obvious choice for a logo about an Acoustic Duo. I incorporated the shape of the guitar into the design.
Logo designs I created for the @degsy_mini instagram page. Although the page didn't really need a logo I created a few anyway! 
A few logo options I created for Warwick Law Care, these were lated animated to appear at the start of promotional videos.
A logo for an independent barber/stylist. I worked on incorporating a straight razor into the design.
Three logos I created for the 'Chappers' YouTube series.
Although I did not originally create this design I adapted it for online use. 
Personal branding for my YouTube page, I created a 24 letter glyph alphabet to use in animations.
A logo I created for a Rugby recording studio
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